Imaginario is a cross-platform photo manager application.

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A cross-platform photo manager application

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Imaginario is a photo manager application written in Qt+QML. Initially written as a mobile application for Ubuntu phones and tablets, it has grown into a cross-platform application aiming to be used across different operating systems and form factors.

The current development focus is on preparing Imaginario to be used as a desktop application; mobile ports to Android and iOS are a bit further down the roadmap.


  • Migrate photos from Shotwell, F-Spot (and others, if you request it)
  • Adding metadata to images: tags, geolocation, title, description and rating
  • Metadata can be embedded in the images or stored as a sidecar file
  • Filter pictures by tags, date, geolocation, import roll
  • Hide pictures containing specific user-defined tags
  • Face detection and face/object tagging


Imaginario on Ubuntu phone:

Imaginario on the desktop:

How to install

Imaginario is available in a PPA for Ubuntu-based distributions:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mardy/imaginario
sudo apt-get install imaginario

How to build

In order to test out the desktop version of Imaginario (and hopefully to contribute to its development ;-) ) please checkout the source code and follow these steps:

mkdir build && cd build
qmake CONFIG+=desktop CONFIG+=debug PREFIX=/tmp/opt
make install

This will install imaginario in /tmp/opt, which will get cleared the next time you reboot your computer; this is convenient if you don't want to risk messing up your system just to try out the application.

In order to launch Imaginario:

cd /tmp/opt/share

Have fun! :-)