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      Added two recently published reproducible papers · a25cb77f
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      The two papers came out in the last two weeks: one by my self, and one
      by the team at the IAA, so it was worth mentioning them in the
      reproducible-science page.
      Also, the `rsync' command to upload the pages will now ignore syncing
      PDFs (since they are usually updated manually and don't need to be
      under version control).
  7. 06 Sep, 2019 2 commits
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      Updated RDA link to the blog post about my grant · ead3cdbd
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      Until now the RDA link was pointing to the RDA news article that was a
      list of all the institutes. But since they published a blog post
      specifically for my project, the link now points there.
      The old link is kept for future refernece if necessary.
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      Corrected link to Gitlab · c199531e
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      The link to Gitlab on the top page needed the viewer to sign-in to
      Gitlab. So it was corrected to point the page that doesn't need login.
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      New link to reproducible research added · 7357fc94
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      David Valls-Gabaud kindly informed me of this page by Rob Hicks which
      describes the benefits of literate programming for doing reproducible
      research. So I have added a link to it in the
      `reproducible-science.html' page.
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      Corrected address and page names to include IAC · c078efce
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      In the previous commit, I had forgot to update my address in the
      pages. With this commit, the address line on all the pages has been
      corrected and also the "Lyon Observatory" part of the page titles has
      been changed to "Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias".
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      Updated my institution to the IAC · 9f4dfa61
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      I have recently moved to the IAC, so the introductory part of the
      webpage was updated to reflect this.
      I also added the IAC logo to the "Great thanks" part and remove the
      CNRS logo (because my Lyon funding was coming from ERC, through CNRS,
      not CNRS directly). I also added the MEXT logo, because they funded my
      masters and PhD in Tohoku University (Japan).
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      Removed hard-wired public_html directory in upload script · 316456f3
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      The `public_html' directory was hard-wired in the upload script,
      making it impossible to use if another directory is intended. It is
      now removed.
  29. 12 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Added two MOOCs on reproducible science · 2cb27f33
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      Alice Allen and David Valls-Gabaud introduced me to these two MOOCs
      (the INRIA one isn't actually done yet, but I guess once its finished,
      the full course will remain on the webpage).
  30. 05 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      Research compendium concept discussed in reproducible science page · dc68f336
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      Vicky Steeves recently introduced me to the concept of "Research
      compendia" (originally introduced by Gentleman and Temple Lang
      2004). So a link to that work and some related works (in
      `research-compendium.science') was added along with a discussion at
      the end of the "Implementation" section on the difference of this
      implementation with Rearch compendia.