1. 17 Feb, 2018 4 commits
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    • Git links to UDF paper to git-cral, renamed file · d906c8d7
      The main git server to host my work while in CRAL is now set to the
      `git-cral.univ-lyon1.fr' server. The clone on `gitlab.com' will be my
      personal archive or for non-research-at-CRAL work.
      The old `my-reproducible-research.html' file is now called
      `reproducible-research.html' to be shorter and more formal (after all
      it is in my top webpage, so the `my' is extra).
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
  9. 30 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • Research and Reproducible research pages added · b0992dc2
      The link to the "Research" page was finally activated and all pages
      now have it on top. I added a short description of my research and
      interests to that page so it is not empty.
      But the main reason was that I wanted to make a page to describe the
      reproduction pipeline I have defined for my research and also another
      page to link to those pipelines. I used the text I had written for the
      NoiseChisel paper pipeline and extended it for the introduction page.
      Also in all the pages, my displayed email on the pages is now changed
      to `mohammad@akhlaghi.org', the copyright years were corrected, and
      the encoding is set to UTF-8.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
  10. 08 Dec, 2017 1 commit
  11. 07 Dec, 2017 3 commits
    • Upload.sh is also uploaded to the server · 2bdfe632
      This script is used to sync the local files with the server. Until now
      it didn't upload itself. But when it is necessary to connect the final
      sever through a third server, it can be convenient to have it. So it
      is now also uploaded. But its permissions are set to not be
      visible/executable/writable by others, so there is no security
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    • Added public PGP key to the webpage · b4024239
      My public PGP key is uploaded and a box is also added to the top page
      which gives a link to it and also contains the ID.
      Also, the `aside' boxes were touching too closely. So a `margin-top'
      was added to slightly separate them.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    • Updated first page introduction · 2c7ba5e0
      The first paragraph of the first page was slightly re-ordered and
      updated. It now has a link to the recent ESO press release and also a
      link to the "MUSE, the cosmic time machine" movie.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
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  14. 24 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • New York Times article added to suggested reading · 9ced70aa
      While I was flipping through the opinion pages of New York Times, I
      came up with this article, in the "Editorial notebook" section,
      discussing how conscription can be democratizing. Since many people I
      talk to (mainly Iranians), think conscription is a bad thing, I
      thought adding this paper here (with my own comments), would be
      I also ran a spell-check on this page and fixed a few typos.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
  15. 17 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Updated photo of my self on top page · 00764744
      The previous picture on the top of the page was taken in autumn 2013,
      so in one of the group pictures in a hiking event we went to recently,
      I saw I can make a good crop of my self and am now using it for the
      top webpage picture. This picture is used with the permission of Sara
      Yousefi (the photographer).
      I also corrected a typo I found in the `suggested-video-talks.html'
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
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  26. 28 Aug, 2016 3 commits
    • Upload script added · 42490cf6
      An upload script was added to facilitate uploading the contents.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    • Added suggested readings and video talks pages · aef869e5
      Two pages were added: suggested readings and suggested (video)
      talks. I included some of the recently read articles that were really
      interesting for me and also the video talks from my old webpage.
      The CSS styles for the relevant parts were also updated, in particular
      finding a good CSS style for responsive display of videos was a little
      hard, but I think this one that I found is a good solution.
      The second paragraph of `index.html' was also slightly modified.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    • Color of links changed · 6bedd3d7
      The links are now colored in dark blue and when they are active or
      hovered, they are light blue. In the previous way (dark gray and light
      gray), they were not very clear.
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
  27. 02 Aug, 2016 2 commits