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SMACK 13: Added slides to intro and link to YouTube

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SMACK 13: Containers (the part on Docker)
SMACK 13: Containers
This is only a section of the full SMACK 13 that is focused on
containers in general, and also includes a discussion on Singularity.
SMACK 13 is focused on
[Containers]( It
starts with an introduction to the concept (in slides), followed by a
hands-on demonstration of Docker and Apptainer (previously known as
## What is Docker?
## Recorded video of SMACK 13:
This SMACK was presented on December 9th, 2021, as [part of IACTalks]( and a recording of this session is available on YouTube:
## Introduction and Apptainer lecture notes
The introduction and lecture notes to demonstrate Apptainer (previously known as Singularity) are available in these slides:
## Docker lecture notes
[Docker containers](
are a common way to build projects in an independent _filesystem_, and
......@@ -310,14 +321,12 @@ $ sudo su
same name as the original image that the container was created
from! In this case, the old image will be over-written.
9. Show how to copy a file from the Docker container to the host
operating system.
10. Show how to copy a file from the host operating system into the
Docker image.
11. Show how to mount a local directory into the Docker image (to use
files of the host operating system inside the Docker container).
12. Make more complex `Dockerfile`s (to install all necessary
software for example).
9. More advanced demonstration and explanation on usage of
`Dockerfiles` can be see in [the README file of
Maneage]( Maneage
(, short for Managing data lineage) is a
pipeline system to reproducibly preserve the pipeline of your
science project in the long term (with the ability to build within
containers for short-term moving of the project from one computer
to the next). A separate SMACK will be presented on Maneage in the
near future.
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