Commit f86ab7fb authored by Abhilash Raj's avatar Abhilash Raj

max_message_size is not available in released versions of Mailman

Since max_message_size is not available in the released versions of
Mailman (<=3.1.1), the max_message_size field creates errors when set to a
non-none value. However, since it was marked as a required field, not setting it
would raise errors too!

This is a temporary fix that sets it to required=False so that the rest of the
fields can be updated by setting max_message_size to None.
parent a2419374
......@@ -374,6 +374,7 @@ class MessageAcceptanceForm(ListSettingsForm):
max_message_size = forms.IntegerField(
label=_('Maximum message size'),
'The maximum allowed message size. '
'This can be used to prevent emails with large attachments. '
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