Commit fd4a46eb authored by Terri Oda's avatar Terri Oda

Attempting to get user.preferences working. it's not actually working yet

but this might serve as a starting point.
parent 5206293b
......@@ -483,6 +483,7 @@ class _User:
self._url = url
self._info = None
self._addresses = None
self._preferences = None
def __repr__(self):
return '<User "{0}" ({1})>'.format(
......@@ -517,6 +518,10 @@ class _User:
return self._info['self_link']
def preferences(self):
return _Preferences(self._connection, self.address)
class _Addresses:
def __init__(self, connection, user_id):
......@@ -536,6 +541,23 @@ class _Addresses:
for address in self._addresses:
yield _Address(self._connection, address)
class _Preferences:
def __init__(self, connection, address):
self._connection = connection
self._address = address
self._preferences = None
def _get_preferences(self):
if self._preferences is None:
response, content ='addresses/{0}/preferences'.format(self._address))
if 'entries' not in content:
self._preferences= []
self._preferences = content['entries']
def __iter__(self):
for preference in self._preferences:
yield _Preference(self._connection, preference)
class _Address:
def __init__(self, connection, address):
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