Commit 98e04ba7 authored by Simon Hanna's avatar Simon Hanna

Fix Readme

* Change Launchpad links to gitlab
* Fix PyPi links
parent e6ab9a70
......@@ -39,14 +39,13 @@ Project details
You may download the latest version of the package from the Python
`Cheese Shop`_ or from Launchpad_.
`Cheese Shop`_ or from GitLab_.
You can also install it via ``pip``.
% sudo pip install mailman.client
% sudo pip install mailmanclient
See the Launchpad project page for access to the Bazaar branch, bug report,
See the GitLab project page for access to the development branch, issues, etc.
......@@ -55,5 +54,5 @@ Acknowledgements
Many thanks to Florian Fuchs for his contribution of an initial REST client.
.. _`Cheese Shop`:
.. _Launchpad:
.. _`Cheese Shop`:
.. _GitLab:
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