Commit 3a845370 authored by Florian Fuchs's avatar Florian Fuchs

* Make List.archivers return a dict.

* Add documentation.
parent 168f0654
......@@ -450,7 +450,8 @@ class _List:
def archivers(self):
response, content =
return sorted([key for key in content if key != 'http_etag'])
return content
def add_owner(self, address):
self.add_role('owner', address)
......@@ -693,9 +693,12 @@ Archivers
>>> for archiver in test_one.archivers:
... print(archiver)
Each list object has an `archivers` attribute holding a dictionary which
contains the activation status of all available archivers.
>>> archivers = test_one.archivers
>>> for archiver in sorted(archivers.keys()):
... print('{0}: {1}'.format(archiver, archivers[archiver]))
mail-archive: False
mhonarc: False
prototype: False
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