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Merge branch 'find-list' into 'master'

Add support for finding lists that an address is subscribed to.

See merge request !69
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......@@ -240,3 +240,27 @@ class Client:
data['username'] = username
data['password'] = password
return'uris', data, 'PATCH')[1]
def find_lists(self, subscriber, role=None, count=50, page=1):
Given a subscriber and a role, return all the list they are subscribed
to with given role.
If no role is specified all the related mailing lists are returned
without duplicates, even though there can potentially be multiple
memberships of a user in a single mailing list.
:param subscriber: The address of the subscriber.
:type subscriber: str
:param role: owner, moderator or subscriber
:type role: str
url = 'lists/find'
data = dict(subscriber=subscriber, count=count, page=page)
if role is not None:
data['role'] = role
response, content =, data)
if 'entries' not in content:
return []
return [MailingList(self._connection, entry['self_link'], entry)
for entry in content['entries']]
......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ Changes
* `Mailinglist.add_owner` and `Mailinglist.add_moderator` now accept an
additional `display_name` argument that allows associating display names with
these memberships.
* Add a new API ``Client.find_lists`` which allows filtering mailing lists
related to a subscriber. It optionally allows a role, which filters the lists
that the address is subscribed to with that role.
Backwards Incompatible Changes
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