1. 22 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Remove all implicit imports in doctests. · 24ee359d
      Abhilash Raj authored
      Implicit is better than explicit. These implicit imports often leads to
      questions being answered on mailinglists about where these imports come
      from. It is easier to have them explitly defined instead.
      Also, move some commented helper functions out to be visible so that again
      users aren't confused about where the magic functions are coming from.
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      SpamDetect is gone, so the chains/rules implementation experiment is deemed a · b6f3ba4c
      Barry Warsaw authored
      success and will now be merged into the trunk.
      Move the Truth rule into the built-in rules package in a separate module, and
      add a test.
      Modify IChainLink so that the rule and chain attributes are not names but
      indeed the actual ILink or IChain object directly.  Update the
      chains.process() function accordingly.  Remove the IChain.get_rule() method.
      Don't derive BuiltInChain from Chain and don't make it an IMutableChain.  It's
      now just an IChain, and is implemented concretely.
      Refactor the HeaderMatchChain and friends so that it can be used with both the
      global HEADER_MATCHES variable and the list-specific header_matches variable,
      which has exactly the same semantics.  Oh yeah, get rid of the list's
      header_filter_rules attribute and replace it with header_matches so that the
      semantics match, it's easy to explain, and it's all nice and clean.