1. 19 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  2. 22 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Abhilash Raj's avatar
      Remove all implicit imports in doctests. · 24ee359d
      Abhilash Raj authored
      Implicit is better than explicit. These implicit imports often leads to
      questions being answered on mailinglists about where these imports come
      from. It is easier to have them explitly defined instead.
      Also, move some commented helper functions out to be visible so that again
      users aren't confused about where the magic functions are coming from.
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  7. 01 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      Allow fall backs for moderation actions. · f7e9e469
      Barry Warsaw authored
      The `moderation_action` for members and nonmember can now be ``None``
      which signals falling back to the appropriate list default action,
      e.g. `default_member_action` and `default_nonmember_action`.  Given by
      Aurélien Bompard.
      Closes #189
  8. 31 Mar, 2016 1 commit
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  14. 02 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      * `passlib`_ is now used for all password hashing instead of flufl.password. · 3e2231b8
      Barry Warsaw authored
         The default hash is `sha512_crypt`.
       * Events renamed and moved:
         * `mailman.chains.accept.AcceptNotification`
         * `mailman.chains.base.ChainNotification`
         * `mailman.chains.discard.DiscardNotification`
         * `mailman.chains.hold.HoldNotification`
         * `mailman.chains.owner.OwnerNotification`
         * `mailman.chains.reject.RejectNotification`
         changed to (respectively):
         * `mailman.interfaces.chains.AcceptEvent`
         * `mailman.interfaces.chains.ChainEvent`
         * `mailman.interfaces.chains.DiscardEvent`
         * `mailman.interfaces.chains.HoldEvent`
         * `mailman.interfaces.chains.AcceptOwnerEvent`
         * `mailman.interfaces.chains.RejectEvent`
       * A `ConfigurationUpdatedEvent` is triggered when the system-wide global
         configuration stack is pushed or popped.
       * With the switch to `passlib`_, `[passwords]password_scheme` has been
         removed.  Instead use `[passwords]path` to specify where to find the
         `passlib.cfg` file.  See t...
  15. 07 Mar, 2012 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      * Mailing lists get multiple chains and pipelines. For example, normal · eb41bebb
      Barry Warsaw authored
         postings go through the `posting_chain` while messages to owners to through
         `owners_chain`.  The default `built-in` chain is renamed to
         `default-posting-chain` while the `built-in` pipeline is renamed
       * Schema changes:
         - start_chain      -> posting_chain
         - pipeline         -> posting_pipeline
  16. 18 Aug, 2011 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      Complete bug 827036 work. · 7f32fdd8
      Barry Warsaw authored
      * Add ListCreatingEvent and ListDeletingEvent.  These are sent before the
        operation actually occurs, whereas the previously added ListCreatedEvent and
        ListDeletedEvent are sent after the operation.  Specifically, this is
        necessary because request database deletion requires the IMailingList
        object, which is only available before the list is deleted.
      * Add a handler to clear out the requests database for a mailing list, when
        the mailing list is about to be deleted.
  17. 01 Jun, 2011 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      Major terminology shift: · bf8b285a
      Barry Warsaw authored
      * Queue runners are now called just 'Runners' since several of them don't
        manage queue directories.
      * Ban the term 'qrunner' too.
      * The master queue runner watcher should now just be called the 'master' or
        the 'master runner'.
      * bin/qrunner -> bin/runner
      * mailman.qrunner log file -> mailman.runner
      * master-qrunner.lck -> master.lck
      * master-qrunner.pid -> master.pid
      * Remove some obsolete files
      * Begin the .txt -> .rst renaming
  18. 02 Jan, 2011 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      Split member and nonmember moderation. · 00e2ef1c
      Barry Warsaw authored
       * member-moderation happens at the same place in the built-in chain that the
         previously named moderation rule happens.  nonmember-moderation happens
         after all the other normal moderation rules.
       * Handle unsubscribed nonmember posts.
      Other changes:
       * Message.senders now filters out Nones and empty strings.
       * Various test cleanups and simplifications.
       * More `address` -> `email` fixes.
       * Give Link class a useful repr.
       * Fix a potential UnboundLocalError.
       * Various other small changes.
  19. 30 Dec, 2010 1 commit
    • Barry Warsaw's avatar
      Fairly significant change to the way member and nonmember moderation occurs. · 534e90fe
      Barry Warsaw authored
      Now, nonmembers are represented by a separate roster of IMembers, the latter
      which has grown a `moderation_action` enum.  When that action is `defer`, then
      the normal processing rules apply.  Anything else and the `moderation` chain
      is jumped to for a shortcut to moderation (which may include immediate
      TODO: handle unregistered nonmembers.
       * The member-moderation rule is renamed to just moderation, and handles both
         members and nonmembers (though the latter must currently be registered).
       * The moderation rule is moved up in the builtin chain.  It is now checked
         after `approved`, `emergency`, and `loop`, but before the normal moderation
         checks.  This means that nonmember postings will be (by default) held much
       * IMember.is_moderated is removed.
       * IMember.moderation_action is added.
       * IMailingList.default_member_moderation is removed.
       * IMailingList.default_member_action and
         IMailingList.default_nonmember_action are added.
       * MemberRole.nonmember is added.