Commit c14d897b authored by David Soto's avatar David Soto

fixed some errors

parent bd919566
......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ class Mailmanconf:
def __print_full_syntax(self, section, key, value, output):
print('[{0}] {1}: {2}'.format(section, key, value), file=output)
def __show_key_error(self, key):
self.parser.error('No such key: %s' % key)
def __show_key_error(self, section, key):
self.parser.error('Section %s: No such key: %s' % (section, key))
def __show_section_error(self, section):
self.parser.error('No such section: %s' % section)
......@@ -92,7 +92,11 @@ class Mailmanconf:
key = args.key
# Case 1: Both section and key are given, we can directly look up the value
if section is not None and key is not None:
if self.__section_exists(section) and hasattr(getattr(config, section), key):
if not self.__section_exists(section):
elif not hasattr(getattr(config, section), key):
self.__show_key_error(section, key)
print(self.__get_value(section, key))
# Case 2: Section is given, key is not given
elif section is not None and key is None:
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