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Slightly better suggestions for creating the Alembic file.

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......@@ -71,19 +71,16 @@ something in the models, what steps are needed to reflect that change in the
database schema? You need to create and enter a virtual environment, install
Mailman into that, and then run the ``alembic`` command. For example::
$ virtualenv -p python3 /tmp/mm3
$ python3 -m venv /tmp/mm3
$ source /tmp/mm3/bin/activate
$ python develop
$ mailman info
$ alembic -c src/mailman/config/alembic.cfg revision --autogenerate -m
$ deactivate
This would create a new migration which would automatically be migrated to the
database on the next run of Mailman. Note that the database needs to be in
the older state so that Alembic can track the changes in the schema and
autogenerate a migration. If you don't have the database in the older state
you can remove the `--autogenerate` flag in the above command. It would then
create a new empty revision which you can edit manually to reflect your
changes in the database schema.
database on the next run of Mailman.
People upgrading Mailman from previous versions need not do anything manually,
as soon as a new migration is added in the sources, it will be automatically
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