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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ things may not work yet. Your participation is encouraged. Your feedback and
contributions are welcome. Please submit bug reports on the Mailman bug
tracker at though you will currently need
to have a login on Launchpad to do so. You can also send email to the
mailman-developers mailing list. mailing list.
Using the Alpha
......@@ -27,9 +27,6 @@ for details on getting Python 2.6.
Mailman 3 is now based on the `zc.buildout`_ infrastructure, which greatly
simplifies building and testing Mailman.
You will need the gettext package (specifically, the msgfmt(1) command) in
order to build the I18N message catalogs.
You do not need anything other than Python 2.6 and an internet connection
to get all the other Mailman 3 dependencies. Here are the commands to
build everything::
......@@ -59,17 +56,25 @@ anywhere, but I like to call it ``mailman.cfg``. For any value in
``schema.cfg`` you want to override, just add a section header (the
square-bracketed names) and then the key/value pair you want to override.
You will need to pass the ``-C`` flag to any bin command you want to invoke,
pointing it at your ``mailman.cfg`` file. Or you can set the environment
variable ``$MAILMAN_CONFIG_FILE`` to point to your configuration file.
Mailman searches for its configuration file using the following search path.
The first existing file found wins.
* ``-C config`` command line option
* ``$MAILMAN_CONFIG_FILE`` environment variable
* ``./mailman.cfg``
* ``~/.mailman.cfg``
* ``/etc/mailman.cfg``
Run the ``bin/mailman info`` command to see which configuration file Mailman
will use, and where it will put its database file. The first time you run
this, Mailman will also create any necessary run-time directories and log
You can use the ``bin/mailman`` script to create and remove mailing lists,
display all the existing mailing lists, subscribe members, etc. Try
``bin/mailman --help`` for details. You use the ``bin/mailman start`` command
to start the queue runners.
Try ``bin/mailman --help`` for more details. You can use the commands
``bin/mailman start`` to start the queue runner daemons, and of course
``bin/mailman stop`` to stop them.
Please note that the web u/i does **not** work yet. Contributions are
There is no web u/i right now. Contributions are welcome!
.. _`zc.buildout`:
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