Commit 902856e5 authored by toshio's avatar toshio

Implement preliminary archiving to maildir in the prototype archiver

parent 3fe7d15a
......@@ -28,11 +28,20 @@ __all__ = [
import hashlib
from base64 import b32encode
from datetime import timedelta
import errno
import logging
from mailbox import Maildir
import os
from urlparse import urljoin
from zope.interface import implements
from flufl.lock import Lock, TimeOutError
from mailman.config import config
from mailman.interfaces.archiver import IArchiver
elog = logging.getLogger('mailman.error')
class Prototype:
......@@ -72,5 +81,36 @@ class Prototype:
def archive_message(mlist, message):
"""See `IArchiver`."""
raise NotImplementedError
"""See `IArchiver`.
This sample archiver saves nmessages into a maildir
archive_dir = os.path.join(config.ARCHIVES_DIR, 'prototype')
os.makedirs(archive_dir, 0775)
except OSError, e:
# If this already exists, then we're fine
if e.errno != errno.EEXIST:
# Maildir will throw an error if the directories are partially created
# (for instance the toplevel exists but cur, new, or tmp do not)
# therefore we don't create the toplevel as we did above
list_dir = os.path.join(archive_dir, mlist.fqdn_listname)
mail_box = Maildir(list_dir, create=True, factory=None)
# Lock the maildir as Maildir.add() is not threadsafe
lock = Lock(os.path.join(config.LOCK_DIR, '%s-maildir.lock' % mlist.fqdn_listname))
# Add the message to the Maildir
# Message_key could be used to construct the file path if
# necessary:
# os.path.join(archive_dir,mlist.fqdn_listname,'new',message_key)
message_key = mail_box.add(message)
except TimeOutError:
# log the error and go on
elog.error('Unable to lock archive for %s, discarded message: %s' % (mlist.fqdn_listname, message.get('message-id', '<unknown>')))
# unlock the maildir
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