Commit 8de541b0 authored by Barry Warsaw's avatar Barry Warsaw

Update NEWS file.

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......@@ -9,6 +9,27 @@ Here is a history of user visible changes to Mailman.
3.0 alpha 5 -- "Distant Early Warning"
* 'bin/dumpdb' is now 'bin/mailman qfile'
* 'bin/unshunt' is now 'bin/mailman unshunt'
* Mailman now properly handles the '-join', '-leave', and '-confirm' email
commands and sub-addresses. '-subscribe' and '-unsubscribe' are aliases
for '-join' and '-leave' respectively.
* devmode settings now live in their own [devmode] section.
* Mailman now searches for a configuration file using this search order. The
first file that exists is used.
* -C config command line argument
* $MAILMAN_CONFIG_FILE environment variable
* ./mailman.cfg
* ~/.mailman.cfg
* /etc/mailman.cfg
3.0 alpha 4 -- "Vital Signs"
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