Commit 7fe776a2 authored by Barry Warsaw's avatar Barry Warsaw

A little bit of code cleanup.

parent 724b7cee
Pipeline #212902 canceled with stage
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ def maybe_forward(mlist, msg):
message_id = msg['message-id']
if (mlist.forward_unrecognized_bounces_to
== UnrecognizedBounceDisposition.discard):
is UnrecognizedBounceDisposition.discard):
blog.error('Discarding unrecognized bounce: {0}'.format(message_id))
# The notification is either going to go to the list's administrators
......@@ -254,10 +254,10 @@ def maybe_forward(mlist, msg):
attachment = MIMEMessage(msg)
if (mlist.forward_unrecognized_bounces_to
== UnrecognizedBounceDisposition.administrators):
is UnrecognizedBounceDisposition.administrators):
keywords = dict(roster=mlist.administrators)
elif (mlist.forward_unrecognized_bounces_to
== UnrecognizedBounceDisposition.site_owner):
is UnrecognizedBounceDisposition.site_owner):
keywords = {}
raise AssertionError('Invalid forwarding disposition: {0}'.format(
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