Commit 49d17bc0 authored by Barry Warsaw's avatar Barry Warsaw

* Remove the test_suite key from; it isn't the right way to run the

  tests suite (for that, use tox).
* Use resource_filename() to locate the top mailman package.
parent 0e2e4b4e
Pipeline #174089 failed with stage
......@@ -107,5 +107,4 @@ case second `m'. Any other spelling is incorrect.""",
test_suite = 'nose2.collector.collector',
......@@ -25,17 +25,17 @@ __all__ = [
import os
import re
import doctest
import mailman
import importlib
from mailman.testing.documentation import setup, teardown
from mailman.testing.layers import ConfigLayer, MockAndMonkeyLayer, SMTPLayer
from import Plugin
from pkg_resources import resource_filename
DOT = '.'
TOPDIR = os.path.dirname(mailman.__file__)
TOPDIR = os.path.dirname(resource_filename('mailman', ''))
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