The source code for new and websites. It uses pelican to build the static website.

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GNU Mailman website

This project contains the source for the GNU Mailman website. Building it requires the Pelican static site generator.

Local preview

After cloning this repository, and assuming you have Pelican installed, you can build the site by running:

$ make html

The files will be generated into the output directory. To view the site, run:

$ make serve

and visit http://localhost:8000

Just hit ctrl-C to kill the server.


Installing the site means copying the generated HTML to the main site and its mirrors. You of course have to have permission to do any of this; mostly that just means the Mailman project administrators. While most of the install steps rsync to remote locations, the GNU mirror requires a local CVS (!) checkout of the HTML files checked out to ~/projects/mailman-gnu. Have fun with that.

To install do:

$ make install
$ cd ~/projects/mailman-gnu
$ cvs commit -m'Update'