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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • REST
    GNU Mailman
    Related to the REST protocol use for communication with the Mailman core. You probably should not use this; such issues usually are specific to mailmanclient.
  • a11y
    GNU Mailman
  • beginner-friendly
    GNU Mailman
    Requires little knowledge of Mailman internals to work on. Related to, but different from, "easy".
  • bug
    GNU Mailman
  • easy
    GNU Mailman
    Requires little time and effort if you have requisite knowledge. Related to but different from "beginner-friendly".
  • feature
    GNU Mailman / mailman-suite
  • i18n
    GNU Mailman
    Internationalization, including words that should be translated but aren't (bug) and languages that aren't available at all (wishlist).
  • perf
    GNU Mailman
  • question
    GNU Mailman
    User questions with no changes required in the Code
  • workflow
    GNU Mailman
    The UI makes things hard to do, or doesn't provide an operation.