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Update the translation docs

Document the merge request lifecycle of translations.
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......@@ -33,12 +33,10 @@ Weblate supports webhooks for notifications when there are changes to the
source control. This allows pulling changes to source strings from Gitlab by
adding a webhook notification in Gitlab.
Although Weblate also supports pushing the translations back to the source
control routinely, this hasn't been enabled yet as it would require giving out
push access to the main repository to a 3rd party service.
Mailman maintainers run a routine script that runs every day to pull changes
from Weblate and create Merge Request on the respective projects.
Translations are converted to Git commits in Weblate and it is configured to
send back those commits as Merge Requests, every 24 hours, to Mailman's Gitlab
projects. Each commit corresponds to a single Author and Language. We do not
squash these commits so as to retain the original commits with Authorship info.
.. _Weblate:
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