Docker image to run tests for mailman in docker container. This is the docker file for 'maxking/mailman-runner' image that can be found here

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About this Repo

This is the docker image that is used to run ci-tests for mailman using Gitlab-CI. We use docker system to run tests inside the containers built from this image. For more information on how to use gitlab-ci-multi-runner, refer to this documentation.

How to build?

To build this image run:

    $ docker build -t mailman-runner .

How to use this image?

Just add the line image: maxking/mailman-ci-runner to the top of your .gitlab-ci.yml file. This will make sure this docker image is used to execute the tests. You can either use Gitlab's shared runners or deploy your own gitlab-ci-multi-runner. Please refer to Gitlab's documentation on how to deploy and configure it yourself.