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Welcome to HyperKitty's documentation!
HyperKitty, the next-generation mailing-list archiver
The HyperKitty Django app provides a web interface to access GNU Mailman v3
HyperKitty is a Django-based application providing a web interface to access
GNU Mailman v3 archives, and interact with the lists.
The project page is and the code is
available from .
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News / Changelog
Here are the significant changes since 0.1.4:
* Merge and compress static files (CSS and Javascript)
* Django 1.5 compatibility
* Fixed REST API
* Improved RPM packaging
* Auto-subscribe the user to the list when they reply online
* New login providers: generic OpenID and Fedora
* Improved page loading on long threads: the replies are loaded asynchronously
* Replies are dynamically inserted in the thread view
Here are the significant changes:
* Beginning of RPM packaging
* Improved documentation
* Voting and favoriting is more dynamic (no page reload)
* Better emails display (text is wrapped)
* Replies are sorted by thread
* New logo
* DB schema migration with South
* General style update (Boostream, fluid layout)
0.1 (alpha)
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