This Praat script will present all WAV and TextGrid pairs in a directory that were passed through a forced aligner tool. This allows a user to more quickly and regularly check the alignment of their files, and writes results of the checking to file.

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MALD Alignment Checking Tool

© Matthew C. Kelley, July 2016

This software is licensed under the GPLv2. For more information, please visit the GNU website.

This script is to facilitate iterating through a list of files passed through a forced aligner and marking which ones have good alignment and which ones should be re-examined, while also allowing the user to make any necessary changes to the TextGrid.


  • WAV files to be checked in a single directory

  • TextGrid files to accompany the WAV files (these MUST have the same name as the WAV files)

Arguments to the Script

  • directory The absolute directory in which the WAV and TextGrid files reside.

  • results The absolute name of the file to which the results will be written.

  • starting The word to start from in the list. The script will iterate throug the different files (using the filename as the word) until it reaches this specified one.

  • writehead Boolean value whether to write the header to the file or not. This is helpful when starting a new file, but not when continuing an old file, so this is off by default.

Script Calculations

  • results The file to which the results are written to, which is formatted in a tab-delimited text format.