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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.0.0 protected
    Release 1.0.0 - 2023-09-17 "Fountain of youth"
    - build(php)!: drop php7 support and add php8.1 and php8.2 support
  • v0.7.1 protected
    Release 0.7.1 – 2021-02-09 „Modern Working“
    - Prevent dotEnv override
    - Fix php 8.0 compatibility
  • v0.7.0 protected
    Release 0.7.0 – „Independent Flyweight“
    - Extract macrominds/app to be able to setup other applications easily
  • v0.6.0 protected
    Release v0.6.0 – „Good Nomens“
    - Replaced names like Procesing, Processor, Process with less generic and more appropriate names that reveal the intention better
    - Improved readability
    - The link `phpunit` has been removed to prevent cluttering the source directory. Call `vendor/bin/phpunit` or use an alias instead.
  • v0.5.0 protected
    Release 0.5.0 – „Tidy dumb down“
    Added phpmetrics report script to simplify maintaining quality code in the future.
    Also simplified the code and improved package relations.
    - Fix duplicate setup and teardown of tests
  • v0.4.0 protected
    Release 0.4.0 „Continuously Inverted Shape Shifter”
    Improved Bootstrapping and Inversion of Control. Made compatible to PHP 7.4.
    This MR includes breaking changes.
    - Removed requirement for a user defined `getProjectRoot` function
    - Removed requirement to include a bootstrap file
    - Removed app() to favor manual instantiation and simplicity over magic and complexity
    - Added the ability to **specify and overwrite singleton and non singleton bindings**
    - Added the ability to **manually register ServiceProviders**
    - Updated documentation to reflect the changes
    - Made **compatible to php7.4**
    - Updated dependencies
    - Respond with 404 for non existing template types (was 500 before, which might have confused people)
    - **CI**: Added Continuous Integration Pipelines for php 7.3 and php 7.4
  • v0.3.1 protected
    Release 0.3.1 – „Lazy Instructor“
    - Extracted macrominds/website from this lib and changed the instructions on how to setup a new website
  • v0.3.0 protected
    Release 0.3.0 „Lazy Builder“
    - Provided default configuration, so that a new user is not as overwhelmed anymore
    Breaking Changes:
    **Notice:** As this change included a gitlab repo url modification and a composer project rename,
    you cannot install pre 0.3.0 versions anymore with composer.
    - Renamed the project from `macrominds/website` to `macrominds/website-lib` to reflect the intent better
      - This allows for a new project `macrominds/website`, so that we can then use `composer create-project macrominds/website mywebsite`
        However, we're not there yet. The `macrominds/website` project doesn't exist yet.
        There will be another release with an updated README once it's there.
    See for an upgrade guide.
  • v0.2.0 protected
    Release 0.2.0 „Environmental Stem“
    - Now using .env file for environment specific settings (such as `APP_ENV` to decide whether to expose errors or not)
    - Improved log output with multiple lines and readable stack traces
    - Now using Inversion of Control and a little bit of Dependency Injection
    See for an upgrade guide.
  • v0.1.0 protected
    Release 0.1.0 „Alpha Puppy“
    - early initial version