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# Change Log
## [Version 2.8]( (Jan 13, 2020)
### Improvements
* Server-wide things can now be defined in system variables (SMARTY\_DIR, TT\_ROOT, and TT\_SHARED)
* Added a GUI to metadata settings
* Added a stats module providing statistical calculations
* Added fixed list value field in tokedit to select from CQP or predefined values; also can be used in tokinfo rollover
* Added tag builder to tokedit
* Added lookup to tokedit, which checks possible values for a field (say all known @pos for a @form)
### Bug fixes
* Improved licence claim
* Solved a bug in QB tag builder
* Corrected the SESSION check in check folder
* Fixed a bug when determining the folder name of the project
* Fixed a bug in the noval for the tagset
* Solved some bugs in tt-cwb-encode (requires recompilation)
## [Version 2.7]( (Nov 20, 2019)
* Added more options to adminsettings
* TEITOK now creates folders when needed (and possible)
* Added sharedfolder checks where still missing
* Added tokinfo rollover to context module
* Improved contraction searches in QB
* Solved from bugs when using TEITOK under https
### Improvements
* Added appalign to align two versions of a text on their @appid
* The tokens in the tree view in deptree now highlight upon mouseover in the sentence view
* <gap/> can now be handled in CSS instead of JS
* Added a tokinfo window that shows when visitors click on tokens
* Added a script to download external facsimile images locally to prevent broken links
* The Query Builder can now handle known contractions in simple query
* Added the option to have a TOC for documents
* Added a context module, which can provide a TEITOK context as REST (used for Kontext integration)
* The dependency tree can now add a root node
* Added the option to store files in a sharedfolder to apply to all projects on a server
* Added a matchlist module that can create a table with info on matches for a simple query
* The query builder can now have "within" selections
* Added a wordcloud module
### Bug fixes
* Brought up-to-date
* Solved some bugs in stand-off annotation
* Solved some bugs in the CQL parser
* Solved some bugs in pageflow
* Improved handling of mtoks in tokedit
* Solved some bugs preventing normalized spaces from getting hidden
* Added a @empty on tokens to be able to hide empty elements completly, and not leave their :before and :after as ghosts
* Made downloading SVG images work again
* Added more options to adminsettings
* tokinfo now shows the form of the tok when a dtok has no form
* Solved an issue with & getting mangled in tokenization
* Improved text view switching in stand-off
* Simplified the largely redundant rawcqp module
* Login now correctly reports users with nologin
* Solved some bugs in shorturl
* The menu can now contain links to external URL
* Solved some bugs in pagetrans
* Removed redundant i18n calls
* tagset verification can now be told about a noval
* Text options now hidden when Javascript fails to load
* Made merge left in tokedit work better with large XML files
* focusform can now be customized (form that gets focus in tokedit)
* Removed redundant tokview module
* Upload can now control maxfilesize
* Added a fallback to visualize when tt-cqp is not installed or not working properly
* Solved some issues in the xmlreader
* Improved install instruction for src folder
## [Version 2.6]( (Apr 19, 2019)
### Improvements
* Facsimile images can now be hidden for visitors globally
* You can now use IIIF style crops from facsimile images
* Spaces can now be put inside <c> allowing them to be normalised away
* mtoks are now shown in the tokinfo rollover window
* Added a check folder to help with installing TEITOK
* xmlrenumber can now renumber only new tokens - keeping old IDs in place
* Stand-off annotation can now indicate where in a word the annotation applies
* Sentence (block) view can now switch between text views
* Create new XML now adds a revisionStmt
* Improved the password encryption
* Internationalization PHP scripts can now be created or updated within the system
* Added a tag builder to the query builder
### Bug fixes
* Solved some display issues in the stand-off annotation view
* Solved some errors in the Query Builder making Javascript crash on empty fields
* Made download of CSV work again with Excell
* Added more options to adminsettings
* Made the time display of the previous recqp session work better
* Improved xmltokenize to avoid tokenization errors in some circumstances
* Added a configcheck to check whether there are problems with the settings
* Added more colours to stand-off annotation to avoid the module running out of colours
* Added a first draft of a module for bibliographic references
* The block module can now handle non-closing lb
* Removed the discontinued frequency display from the cqp module
* Removed the discontinued headermake module
* Updated some i18n files
* Made IGT use <m> rather than <morph> to follow TEI
* Improved viewing in metadata module
* Solved some bugs in the renumbering module
* tokedit now also checks whether all dtok have an @id
* Removed the discontinued tokenization option in PHP
* ttxml now always uses the teiheader settings when there is no teiHeader.tpl
* visualize now checks whether Google visualization has been loaded correctly
* Updated the default projects
## [Version 2.5]( (Mar 3, 2019)
### Improvements
......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
<item key="rend" display="way of deleting"/>
<item key="desc" display="desciption of parent elm">
<item key="div" display="text division">
<item key="foreign" display="in another language">
......@@ -24,6 +26,8 @@
<item key="lang" display="language"/>
<item key="fw" display="running head">
<item key="gap" display="untranscribed text">
<item key="reason" display="reason why text not transcribed"/>
......@@ -62,6 +66,8 @@
<item key="type" display="type of marker"/>
<item key="name" display="proper name">
<item key="note" display="explanatory note">
<item key="p" display="paragraph">
......@@ -86,14 +92,28 @@
<item key="type" display="type of sentence"/>
<item key="sic" display="apparently incorrect">
<item key="seg" display="arbitrary segment">
<item key="space" display="significant space">
<item key="dim" display="horizontal/vertical"/>
<item key="quantity" display="amount of space"/>
<item key="span" display="annotation span">
<item key="supplied" display="estimated content">
<item key="confidence" display="confidence in the transcription"/>
<item key="reason" display="reason why text had to be supplied"/>
<item key="surplus" display="redundant text">
<item key="term" display="technical term">
<item key="tok" display="token">
<item key="form" display="written form"/>
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<info date="2020-02-04" version="2.8.36"/>
<info date="2020-02-05" version="2.8.37"/>
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