seq2vid : Compose a video from a text sequence

seq2vid : Compose a video from a text sequence

Copyright © 2014-2017 Masoud Abkenar

seq2vid reads a sequence of titles, texts, images, and videos from a text file and renders them all into a video.

Why is seq2vid useful?

  • No graphical user interface required. No more crashy video compositing tools

  • Text-based. Make reproducible, visually-consistent videos

  • Template-ready. Use templates to change the look and feel of your videos in a snap

  • Deployable. Make videos automatically. Integrate seq2vid into your existing set of command-line tools

  • Batch process. Want to make 100 videos from a large body of text/image/video data? Run seq2vid in a loop!

How is seq2vid different from a conventional video editing software?

  • Compared to Kdenlive, Pitivi, or OpenShot, seq2vid still has far less features.

  • Contrary to those, seq2vid exposes all of its features through a command-line interface.

  • The learning curve for seq2vid is substantially lower for people who are acustomed to the terminal.

  • seq2vid can be used to automatically compose videos from dynamic content, much quicker than a conventional video editing software.

In essence, seq2vid to Kdenlive is like LaTeX to LibreOffice Writer. Each one has its own benefits, and is used for a different use case.

Minimal example

Imagine you have a video file called raw.avi, and you want to have a title (a short description of the video content) to be shown before the actual video starts.

You write a simple text file like titler.seq:


text_title="The big freaking TITLE!"
add_segment -title

add_segment -video

And you compile your sequence via

./seq2vid titler.seq

seq2vid will generate a new video file called my_titled_video.mp4. It contains your original video but with a title at its beginning.


For detailed documentation, including more examples, please refer to the project wiki.

Get involved

You can get involved in this project, it will be a pleasure to have you here! For example, you can

  • run seq2vid with your own texts, images, and videos, to see how it works

  • ask for more features!

  • file issues here in GitLab

  • send pull requests to fix issues (you can start with bite-sized issues)

Please write your comments/questions/suggestions as issues so that everybody can see them (requires a GitLab account). Alternatively, you can send email to username ampbox on the famous email service provided by Google.