1. 14 May, 2019 7 commits
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      Changed results per page error message · 9c37e23b
      David Lucadou authored
      I made it more obvious what it was referring to - "search results" does
      not realy make sense, "results per page" is what I was actually
      referring to.
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      Fixed handling of large decimals · 3d04afd8
      David Lucadou authored
      Previously, large decimals (that is, >2^31-1) were not reduced, causing
      errors when attempting to log the search. Now, these are handled by a
      different condition and are properly reduced to 2^31-1 so they can be
      logged without causing errors.
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      Improved date checking · c4f510c0
      David Lucadou authored
      I checked to see when report end time is given, if report start time is
      also given, that the start time is a DateTime. I noticed that some
      invalid starting time formats would be compared as Strings to the end
      time, casted from DateTime to String, resulting in some invalid starting
      times displaying an error that they were greater than the ending time.
      I also changed the error for invalid per page values because I think
      saying where to change it is not needed if I am not also doing that for
      date formats, etc.
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      Added more tests · 6f3184c4
      David Lucadou authored
      I added more tests to chat logs search to account for new functionality
      with regards to negative message IDs that go below the range of ints,
      and added more tests to user reports search.
      The channel, sender, and message ID tests were copied directly from the
      chat logs search tests and modified to fit, and they work fine.
      It's surprising the bugs you find when you write out automated tests
      that you do not realize when manually testing things.
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      Added better handling for message IDs out of range · db01a28f
      David Lucadou authored
      I improved the ability of the application to handle IDs that are outside
      the range [-2^31, 2^31-1] by moving the maximum ID to a helper method
      and making it easy to access from all controllers and views. This also
      means fewer global variables are needed to be passed to the views.
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      Adjusted validations for searching reports · 875ce5bb
      David Lucadou authored
      I made it so any controller can call ChatLogsHelper methods for channel
      and sender name validation and used those validations in my reports
      controller to provide more consistent error checking in reports
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