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# Cryptolitycs
Cryptolitycs is a cryptocurrency tracker developed for the Android platform.
It gives you quick and easy access to information about cryptocurrencies like
Bitcoin and many others.
<img src="showcase/showcase.png" width="800">
## Features
* Detailed information on every coin such as: percent change, available supply,
market cap, highest price, lowest price.
* With the help of the generated price charts, the user can track how the price
of a currencies has changed during the past 30 days.
* Choose from a selection of more than 4000 different coins, including
populare coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple and many more.
* Contains a usable converter, which allows multiple conversions at once and
provides up to 8 decimal places when needed for the great accuracy.
* Shows the most recent cryptocurrency related news from different sources.
## Libraries
The charts in the application are generated with help of
[MP Android Chart]( library.
## Data Source
The application obtains all the cryptocurrency related data from
[CryptoCompare]( using the API provided by them.
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