1. 30 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  2. 25 Nov, 2020 3 commits
  3. 24 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  4. 23 Nov, 2020 6 commits
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      [DEV-8616] Client: Inhibit forced field validation if kickback flag not set · 73094d9b
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This feature was introduced with kickback and needn't take effect if
      kickbacks are not occurring.
      This should have been behind a flag to begin with; the change was rushed.
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      [DEV-8616] Clear DOM on invalid state only on emptyBucket · 1f0f675e
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This restores the DataValidator back to its previous behavior, because it
      was causing unintended side-effects with displays.  Really, though, it
      probably would have caused side-effects with fields as well by clearing them
      in certain scenarios when a sibling index was modified.
      This was a rushed change initially due to time constrains, as is this
      change, so I want to be a bit more conservative and isolate the clearing as
      much as possible.  Implementing this _properly_ would take far too long.
      The comment in `emptyBucket` explains what this change does.  Essentially,
      `undefined` should only be in the bucket on empty if the validator failed
      for existing bucket data, so we should clear the field.  Clearing the field
      ensures that default values on DOM elements are forcefully cleared so that
      the state of the bucket (bogus) is accurately reflected, and the user is
      able to select a value even if that value is the default.
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      Restore kickback changes · e5f232ad
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      These were temporarily reverted because our deployment process isn't in a
      good place atm and something else needed to go out.  Considering the
      refactoring involved here, I did not want to rush things.
      This reverts commit 172eaf49.
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      [DEV-8597] GroupContext removeIndex is called first from all multi-index groups · 51a85c87
      Goldsmith, Mark authored
      See merge request floss/liza!315
    • Mark Goldsmith's avatar
      [DEV-8597] GroupContext removeIndex is called first from all multi-index groups · e2795c2f
      Mark Goldsmith authored
      A new method was added to GroupUi to call the GroupContext
      removeIndex method as the first step of the GroupUi removeIndex
      method, for all groups that support multi-index.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      Revert kickback changes (temporarily) · 172eaf49
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      We have a somewhat urgent release that needs to be made, and there are some
      outsanding issues with these changes, so they'll be reintroduced shortly.
      Revert "[DEV-8616] Only clear invalid data on retrieve"
      This reverts commit d7348e4b, reversing
      changes made to 365db4ab.
      Revert "Kickback on program version change"
      This reverts commit 365db4ab, reversing
      changes made to 87d40fa9.
  5. 20 Nov, 2020 2 commits
  6. 18 Nov, 2020 27 commits
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      Kickback on program version change · 365db4ab
      Anthony Dalfonso authored
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      [DEV-8616] loader: Fail migration if last field state is not available · 797a89df
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      The idea is that any old documents will have been migrated by triggering
      them to generate their field state, e.g. via a POST using skey.  Then we can
      simply fail when it's not available, allowing us to directly address
      failures rather than risk it operating in ways that are unexpected and cause
      Since saving prior state happens even when the feature flag is disabled,
      this allows us to deploy the change to start the process of gathering those
      data, without actually affecting documents in any meaningful way.
      This was something I mentioned early on in planning this little project, but
      forgot to address, especially after the direction changed with invalid field
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      [DEV-8616] loader: Invalidate fields on kickback · db05f62b
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This is a step toward implementing states for bucket field values (the
      intent will be something along the lines of
      NA|Pending v|Invalid v|Valid v).
      Since I do not have time to fundamentally rework the Bucket and how it's
      accessed at the moment, this does the best we can with what we have by
      introducing the concept of an invalid state using an ASCII NACK character as
      a string prefix.  The validators will consider this to be invalid in a
      guaranteed way, and calculated values have been modified to take that into
      consideration as well, since the validators may not have run by
      then (e.g. on init).
      eslint: Ignore loader, since it fails to parse
        0:0  error  Parsing error: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined
      Will check again in future eslint versions.
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      [DEV-8616] Add missing NoYesFormatter · e53f5ea9
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This is only one of the missing ones, but it's better than nothing...!
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      [DEV-8616] Client: Force validations on step load · 01a71870
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      The intent of this is to catch validations caused from server-side changes,
      since we previously assumed (incorrectly) that, once things are in the
      bucket, they are in a valid state, and forever will be.
      This is not ideal, but is an incremental step toward a new way of
      considering bucket data, which will require a far more fundamental
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      [DEV-8616] loader: Kick back to newly applicable on program version migration · 1b858074
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      See extensive detail in the unit tests and comments.  This is the core of
      this task and the feature that's been worked toward all along.
      Also note that this forces the user to the current step when loading a quote
      now, which will break hyperlinks to specific steps.  I don't think that's
      currently done, and in practice we redirect users to policies after
      documents (quotes) are locked, so this shouldn't affect us; ideally, though,
      this would use e.g. the kickback action, which does not currently work
      because the Quote object is not yet available to the action on the client
      during init.
      This task is also not all that great in terms of FP, but as was mentioned in
      a previous commit, I intend to refactor further later on.  We also need time
      to get the team acquainted before diving too deep into a sea of monads.
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      [DEV-8616] Server: Persist quote state after migration · 20b6f781
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      Migration may cause a kickback, so this will ensure that it is immediately
      This also logs information about whether a kickback has occurred (just a
      little bit).  In the future I'd like to also log what fields caused it.
      Tests are absent for this.  This has been long delayed and certain things
      have to give; I have more important things I have to move on to.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server: Persist field state on {auto,}save · d7433281
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      After the classifier is run, a subset of its state will be persisted so that
      it can be compared on Program version change.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] MongoServerDao#saveQuoteState: Include field state · 77e9df98
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      fieldState will only be saved if it's present and non-empty, so as not to
      overwrite previous state if the classifier has not been run.
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      [DEV-8616] test/pre.js: Remove · 30556261
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      We no longer need to provide Promise support to tests; that was for really
      old environments.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Makefile.am (test): Depends on modindex phony target · 4884b0c1
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      The index.js files must be regenerated for many tests to work properly.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Program: Add whenq and qstep properties · 9295499c
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      These are dynamically generated (and then cached), and will only be used by
      the server.  I wanted to avoid generating them as part of Program.js (from
      liza-proguic) because that'd bloat the JS sent to the client even more when
      the information is not only redundant, but will also (at present) not be
      used by the client.
      The note about ease.js here represents a bug that must have existed since
      getters were first introduced nearly a decade ago.  I don't have the time or
      will to fix it, since we're actively deprecating ease.js.
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      [DEV-8616] loader.cleanDocument: Convert to functional style · 90887cf5
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      It's not very good, as I continue to learn the particular implementation
      details of fp-ts, but this will allow us to continue adding to the migration
      in a clear, linear way.  Finally.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Introduce concept of failure into quote cleaning · 38d0b1d9
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      At present, this is only on program mismatch, but we can further it as time
      goes on.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Merge ProgramQuoteCleaner into loader · b29beb19
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      Note that this is a near-verbatim copy, with minor modifications to get it
      to compile with TS.  Further improvements will be made at some point.
      There's no use in having all of these similar concepts in different
      places.  The convention with OOP was to have each class in its own separate
      file, but functional programs don't have quite the same distinction.
      It'll be easier to reason about the system if all of this is the in the same
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server#_checkQuotePver: Simplify quote cleaning integration · da191db1
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This gets rid of the nasty hook-based system and instead injects the
      dependency.  While this does add to the dependencies of Server, which is
      bad, the overall effect is much cleaner, more understandable code.  The
      dependency will be removed in the future as things are moved into the
      I decided to leave `clean` async since, as it becomes more intensive, we may
      wish to take advantage of that, at least as long as it's on the same
      thread.  Further, other parts of the loader are async, so the types will fit
      together more nicely.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] ProgramQuoteCleaner#clean: Return Promise · 7eb226be
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This will aid in a transition to the loader.
      Further, it appears that it never actually returns any errors...and there's
      a bunch of complex code around whether cleaning fails.  This can be cleaned
      up a ton, which would be great, since version migration is some of the most
      confusing (and therefore dangerous) code.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server: Defer new quote initialization to loader · 0b22914a
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      Saving still occurs within `Server`, but the loader is now responsible for
      preparing all related data.
      The functional code is a mess; I'll refactor further in a separate commit
      so it's more clear what's being changed, though I don't know if I'll have
      time any time soon.  In particular, perhaps we ought to use a
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Merge ProgramInit with loader · 0ef5a5db
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      There is no point in having this separate anymore.  This is essentially a
      copy, so the logic is still imperative for now.
      This is essentially like exporting a private method, but we'll sort that out
      in the future.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server#initQuote: Proxy to loader.initDocument · 2f121b3c
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This replaces the previous incremental mess with fp-ts.  The chaining is a
      little bit awkward with the type conversions; I'll sort that out in a bit; I
      wanted a literal translation to show how this evolves.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server#_getDefaultBucket: Extract · 2b6395fd
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This extracts the logic into `loader`.  This is once again a transitionary
      commit; see previous commits for more information.
      This change is notable in that the `#initQuote` method is now fully glue
      code for functions in the loader, and so itself can now be extracted in its
      Also noteworthy is that I intend to merge ProgramInit itself into `loader`,
      since it does not make sense to have that logic stand on its own.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server#initQuote: Use loader pullDocumentFromDao · c5f1187f
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This is another incremental stepping stone; it's not just to make the code
      more verbose. ;)  See previous commits.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] DocumentId: Base on PositiveInteger · 69467f01
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      0 is never a valid document id; it's used to request that a new document be
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server#_loadDocumentIntoQuote: Extract remaining · 1a0fc619
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      The body of this function now consists of two (tightly-coupled) calls to
      functions defined in the new loader module.  See previous commit for more
      information, including on the coupling.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Sever#_loadDocumentIntoQuote: Extract session portion · 5364a0dc
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This begins a transition into a functional module, which I'll commit
      incrementally to show how it evolves.  It is tightly coupled at the moment,
      and probably will remain that way until it's extracted out of Server
      entirely.  This is partially due to my availability.
      This is the first use of fp-ts here.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] Server#_loadDocumentIntoQuote: Remove tsctor dep · a75e0f66
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This makes this method a pure function of its inputs, which simplifies
      This timestamp should only be set when a quote is created, anyway.
    • Mike Gerwitz's avatar
      [DEV-8616] fp-ts: New dependency · 1bb7d491
      Mike Gerwitz authored
      This will be used by future commits.
      I've wanted to introduce a functional library into Liza for quite some time,
      and TS has enabled the creation of a fairly robust implementation.  Others
      on the team did the research on this (Joe and Anthony, primarily).
      While it does have some shortcoming and awkward limitations due to TS, and
      it is heavy on terminology, it does seem like a good library so far.