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# Advent Of Code 2021
> Find the sleigh key to save Santa, using your smol submarine!
## What
This repository hosts the code that I produced to solve the different puzzles
provided for the Advent of Code 2021, that you can find [here](
## How
In order to solve the different puzzles, I used the **Rust** programming language,
as I wanted a way to experiment and practice this new language.
There are no dependencies and no external crate.
To execute it, just open the specific day you want to run, and use `cargo run --release -- ./input`.
Replacing the `input` file **should** work without any code modification.
## Why
Because puzzles are fun! And Rust is fun too!
## Yikes
The code produced may not be optimal nor the fastest. And that's normal, I tried
to spend less than a day (and to do it in my spare time after school).
The code is also very ugly for a reason: usually I use single letters for the
variable names. Usually it's fine. For me. For other people re reading me, it's
less fun. So I forced myself to use mainly single characters as variable names,
just to make me want to stop doing it.
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