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......@@ -50,12 +50,16 @@ Or you can make your own web site, as have:
### Finding venues
There are often companies willing to host local meetups in exchange
for an opportunity to solicit job applications or promote their services
or just for community goodwill.
for an opportunity to solicit job application, to promote their services
or for goodwill.
You can find one of those and get them to host all or some of your meetups.
We have also had chapter organizer employers host meetups in this fashion.
LOPSA L.A. also does occassional "social dinner" type meetups at local restaurants.
We have also had chapters find meeting space at a community college (through a
student affiliate organization) and at a university (where the chapter leaders
were employed).
LOPSA L.A. also does occassional "social" dinner meetups at local restaurants.
### Finding speakers
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