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Please read INSTALL.txt for installation instructions.
## Some GNGforms features.
At the center of GNGforms is the WYSIWYG web form creator [formbuilder]( Users build a form, choose a URL slug, and publish it.
GNGforms adds form management so that:
* Data generated by the forms can be downloaded in CSV.
* A readonly url can be enabed access generated data.
* Users can create forms and share 'editor' permission with other users.
* Basic options to set form expiry criteria.
### Resources
## Resources
One installation (one instance running on your server), can be used for many domains. An nginx proxy in front of GNGforms can route as many domains as you wish to the gunicorn running process.
One installation, one database, one monitoring and one backup system, means less work for sysadmins.
## Config
Copy `config.example.cfg` to `config.cfg`. The configuration option are pretty straight forward.
SMTP_SERVER expects a running server that accepts connection without credentials. This needs to be improved.
ROOT_USERS a list of emails. Users with these emails are automatically made Root Users.
ROOT_USERS is a list of emails. Users with these emails are "Root users".
## Users
Each domain used with GNGforms has an independent user database.
### User profiles
* Anonymous users: Can fill out published forms
* Normal registered users: Can create and publish forms. Can download form data.
* Admins: Can enable and disable users. Can see all forms (but not form data). Admins can also decide if new users can be created by any anonymous user, or if new users must be 'invited' by the administrators. (invite only).
* Root users: Special users created by the sysadmin. Root users can see all users and forms in the database, regardless of the domain.
## Bootstrapping users
## User profiles
**Anonymous users**:
* Can fill out published forms
**Normal registered users:**
* Can create and publish forms.
* Can edit collected data on the web interface
* Download collected form data in CSV
* Share edit permission with other users on the site
* Set some basic expiry conditions.
* And other stuff
* Edit frontpage text
* Invite new users to the site
* Enable and disable users.
* Give/remove admin permissions to users
* Site configuration. Invite only, Data protection text, smtp config, etc.
* Admins **cannot** read collected data of other users' forms
GNGforms can serve multiple sites.
**Root users:**
* Bootstrap the first Admin of a new site
* All the same permissions as admins, across **all sites**.
## Bootstrapping root_users
1. From the index page, choose 'Forgot your password?' link.
2. Enter an email defined as a root_user in the config.cfg
3. Fill out the new user form.
## Bootstrapping a second site
1. Configure nginx proxy to direct traffic to the running gunicorn process.
2. Send a new Admin invitation of the new site from your config page. (not neccessary to create yourself a user on the new site).
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