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Shorten bios for Sumanth & Reckoner+=Matthew

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name: Reckoner+=Matthew
Reckoner+=Matthew is a live performance project exploring interplay between analog and digital improvisation using synthesizers and live coding to create beat music that rests on top of waveforms, probabilities and loop conditions. Reckoner is Sumanth Srinivasan. Matthew is Matthew Kaney.
Reckoner+=Matthew grew as an act in the NYC live coding scene and have performed at Algoraves in the past, which emphasizes on performers typing code on stage to make improvised electronic music. The music, despite its unconventional process, retains elements of dance and pop music and indulges in danceable rhythms.
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Sumanth Srinivasan is an engineer and artist. Previously, he has used the phrase ‘intersection of art and technology’ in his bio. He is particularly fond of studying communication (or lack thereof) and the societal and aesthetic struggles that arise from it. Some of his work has resulted in projects commissioned by Times Square Alliance, and New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
He makes music under the moniker *Reckoner* and performs as a part of the live act Reckoner+=Matthew featuring live coded music and visuals.
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