Commit fb6a31a3 authored by Luna's avatar Luna 😻

tests: add

parent e6c82cb3
import pytest
from tests.common import login
async def test_science_empty(test_cli):
"""Test that the science route gives nothing."""
resp = await'/api/v6/science')
assert resp.status_code == 204
async def test_harvest_empty(test_cli):
"""test that the harvest route is empty"""
resp = await test_cli.get('/api/v6/users/@me/harvest')
assert resp.status_code == 204
async def test_consent_non_consenting(test_cli):
"""Test the consent route to see if we're still on
a non-consent status regarding data collection."""
token = await login('normal', test_cli)
resp = await test_cli.get('/api/v6/users/@me/consent', headers={
'Authorization': token
assert resp.status_code == 200
rjson = await resp.json
assert isinstance(rjson, dict)
# assert that we did not consent to those
assert not rjson['usage_statistics']['consented']
assert not rjson['personalization']['consented']
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