Commit ddbfa6af authored by Luna's avatar Luna 📟

users: add partial.permissions field on get_me_guilds

parent 50d177e0
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ from litecord.blueprints.guild.mod import remove_member
from litecord.blueprints.user.billing import PremiumType
from litecord.images import parse_data_uri
from litecord.permissions import base_permissions
bp = Blueprint('user', __name__)
......@@ -267,8 +268,9 @@ async def get_me_guilds():
partial = dict(partial)
# TODO: partial['permissions']
partial['permissions'] = await base_permissions(user_id, guild_id)
partial['owner'] = partial['owner_id'] == user_id
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