Commit b14c1d2c authored by Luna's avatar Luna 📟

users: harden search handler

the "described issue with the official client" was leaking of
messages that aren't in the client's cache, causing a crash.

from now on, search uses `UserStorage.get_user_guilds` and does
filtering on both SQL and python levels before returning it as a result.
parent 011fc099
......@@ -380,7 +380,7 @@ async def _get_mentions():
print('args', j)
guild_query = 'AND guild_id = $2' if 'guild_id' in j else ''
guild_query = 'AND message.guild_id = $2' if 'guild_id' in j else ''
role_query = "OR content LIKE '%<@&%'" if j['roles'] else ''
everyone_query = "OR content LIKE '%@everyone%'" if j['everyone'] else ''
mention_user = f'<@{user_id}>'
......@@ -390,11 +390,17 @@ async def _get_mentions():
if guild_query:
guild_ids = await app.user_storage.get_user_guilds(user_id)
gids = ','.join(str(guild_id) for guild_id in guild_ids)
rows = await app.db.fetch(f"""
FROM messages
JOIN channels ON messages.channel_id =
content LIKE '%'||$1||'%'
channels.channel_type = 0
AND messages.guild_id IN ({gids})
AND content LIKE '%'||$1||'%'
......@@ -405,10 +411,12 @@ async def _get_mentions():
res = []
for row in rows:
message = await['id'])
chan = await['channel_id']))
if not chan:
print('ignore wee woo')
gid = int(message['guild_id'])
# ignore messages pre-messages.guild_id
if gid not in guild_ids:
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