Commit 00653c5d authored by Clement Lefebvre's avatar Clement Lefebvre

[mtwebster] xadapter.vala: Remove XkbKeyTypesMask and fields from XKbChangeMap call.

This was originally a workaround for xFree86 4.3 - see:
As of this
causes a BadLength error when attempting to use shifted characters.
parent 8ac30661
......@@ -195,15 +195,10 @@ namespace Caribou {
Xkb.MapChanges changes = Xkb.MapChanges ();
// We don't touch key types here but include the
// information in XkbSetMap request to the server, because
// some X servers need the information to check the sanity
// of the keysyms change.
changes.changed = (ushort) (Xkb.KeySymsMask | Xkb.KeyTypesMask);
changes.changed = (ushort) Xkb.KeySymsMask;
changes.first_key_sym = (char) this.reserved_keycode;
changes.num_key_syms =[this.reserved_keycode].width;
changes.first_type = 0;
changes.num_types =;
Xkb.change_map (this.xdisplay, this.xkbdesc, changes);
this.xdisplay.flush ();
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