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Petals Cockpit

Running demo (mock) https://linagora.gitlab.io/petals-cockpit

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Trying Petals Cockpit

Running the pre-compiled JAR

  1. Download the latest compiled petals-cockpit:
  2. Unpack it and go into the directory
  3. Initialize the database (or update it if you already had one from a previous version): $ java -jar petals-cockpit.jar db migrate config.yml
  4. Create a user if necessary: $ java -jar petals-cockpit.jar add-user -u username -n Name -p password config.yml
  5. Run Petals Cockpit: $ java -jar petals-cockpit.jar server config.yml

Build an Executable Petals Cockpit

In order to create an executable product, simply build the frontend, the backend and then the product that will embed both of them:

  • Build the frontend $ cd frontend && yarn run prod && cd ..
  • Build Petals Cockpit (it will also build the backend) $ mvn -s ci/settings.xml clean package


Don't forget to first initialise the database (see below).

Execute Petals Cockpit:

$ java -jar cockpit/target/petals-cockpit-*-capsule.jar server cockpit/default.yml

Available Commands

The database can be initialised or migrated to the latest version with:

$ java -jar cockpit/target/petals-cockpit-*-capsule.jar db migrate cockpit/default.yml

A user can be added with:

$ java -jar cockpit/target/petals-cockpit-*-capsule.jar add-user -u username -n Name -p password cockpit/default.yml

Working with the backend and the frontend separately

To execute backend commands, you can use:

$ cd backend/
$ mvn -s ../ci/settings.xml compile exec:java@cli -Dexec.args="db migrate default.yml"

The following command will simply execute the backend:

$ cd backend/
$ mvn -s ../ci/settings.xml compile dependency:properties exec:exec@server

To work on the frontend without mock (i.e., with the backend previously started):

$ cd frontend/
$ yarn run proxy

Copyright and License

Petals Cockpit is made by Linagora under the AGPLv3 license, see LICENSE.md.