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[#1701] Fix searching of references in other files

Motivation and Context

Fixes a problem that references in included/imported files would not be found.

Related issues

Resolves #1701 (closed).

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The module would do an equality check in searched files that the reference matched the same URI as the opened file. Hence, it would only find only definitions if the file has been opened previously.

Note that the issue originally asked to fix the normalization of the file paths. This is not the case as the file paths are already normalized.


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Fixed a bug where references would not be found sometimes in included/imported files. For example, suppose we have two contracts:


let x = 1


#include "../included.mligo"
let y = x

Then opening includer/includer.mligo and looking for references of x would only find it in this file unless included.mligo has been opened previously. It will now find it in both.

Note that this fix does not allow "back-includes" yet; looking for x in included.mligo will find it in includer/includer.mligo if and only if that file has been previously opened as well.


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