Commit 8acf2e91 authored by Mike Hearn's avatar Mike Hearn

Add a BIP70 example to the javascript folder

parent d438caae
// Example app that creates a minimal BIP70 payment request with a multisig output, and then prints it to base64.
var bcj = org.bitcoinj;
var protos = org.bitcoin.protocols.payments.Protos;
var pbuf =;
var details = protos.PaymentDetails.newBuilder();
details.time = new Date().value;
var output = protos.Output.newBuilder();
var scriptBytes = bcj.script.ScriptBuilder.createMultiSigOutputScript(2, [new bcj.core.ECKey(), new bcj.core.ECKey()]).program;
// ... or to a regular address output:
// var scriptBytes = bcj.script.ScriptBuilder.createOutputScript(new bcj.core.ECKey().toAddress(bcj.params.MainNetParams.get())).program;
output.script = pbuf.ByteString.copyFrom(scriptBytes);
var request = protos.PaymentRequest.newBuilder();
request.serializedPaymentDetails =;
var bits =;
var b64 = java.util.Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(bits);
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