Commit 744b548a authored by Ivan Jose Lozano Fernandez's avatar Ivan Jose Lozano Fernandez Committed by Daniel Connolly

Some flags related to BIP66 (relative Locks) have been added.

parent 8e353229
......@@ -50,6 +50,23 @@ import static;
public class TransactionInput extends ChildMessage {
/** Magic sequence number that indicates there is no sequence number. */
public static final long NO_SEQUENCE = 0xFFFFFFFFL;
* BIP68: If this flag set, sequence is NOT interpreted as a relative lock-time.
public static final long SEQUENCE_LOCKTIME_DISABLE_FLAG = 1L << 31;
* BIP68: If sequence encodes a relative lock-time and this flag is set, the relative lock-time has units of 512
* seconds, otherwise it specifies blocks with a granularity of 1.
public static final long SEQUENCE_LOCKTIME_TYPE_FLAG = 1L << 22;
* BIP68: If sequence encodes a relative lock-time, this mask is applied to extract that lock-time from the sequence
* field.
public static final long SEQUENCE_LOCKTIME_MASK = 0x0000ffff;
private static final byte[] EMPTY_ARRAY = new byte[0];
// Magic outpoint index that indicates the input is in fact unconnected.
private static final long UNCONNECTED = 0xFFFFFFFFL;
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