Commit 0f0c7bae authored by Chris's avatar Chris Committed by Andreas Schildbach

Update javascript Tor example to reflect simplified handling of .onion addresses

parent 8a2e7425
......@@ -6,19 +6,15 @@ var params = bcj.params.MainNetParams.get();
var context = new bcj.core.Context(params);
var InetAddress = Java.type("");
var PeerAddress = Java.type("org.bitcoinj.core.PeerAddress");
var InetSocketAddress = Java.type("");
// Hack around the fact that PeerAddress assumes nodes have IP addresses. Simple enough for now.
var OnionAddress = Java.extend(Java.type("org.bitcoinj.core.PeerAddress"), {
toSocketAddress: function() {
return InetSocketAddress.createUnresolved("hhiv5pnxenvbf4am.onion", params.port);
// The PeerAddress class can now handle InetSocketAddresses with hostnames if they are .onion.
var OnionAddress = InetSocketAddress.createUnresolved("hhiv5pnxenvbf4am.onion", params.port);
var pg = bcj.core.PeerGroup.newWithTor(context, null, new com.subgraph.orchid.TorClient(), false);
// c'tor is bogus here: the passed in InetAddress will be ignored.
pg.addAddress(new OnionAddress(InetAddress.localHost, params.port));
pg.addAddress(new PeerAddress(OnionAddress));
......@@ -29,5 +25,4 @@ for each (var peer in pg.connectedPeers) {
\ No newline at end of file
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