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    Remove all Author(s): lines from source file headers · 60046283
    Daniel P. Berrangé authored
    In many files there are header comments that contain an Author:
    statement, supposedly reflecting who originally wrote the code.
    In a large collaborative project like libvirt, any non-trivial
    file will have been modified by a large number of different
    contributors. IOW, the Author: comments are quickly out of date,
    omitting people who have made significant contribitions.
    In some places Author: lines have been added despite the person
    merely being responsible for creating the file by moving existing
    code out of another file. IOW, the Author: lines give an incorrect
    record of authorship.
    With this all in mind, the comments are useless as a means to identify
    who to talk to about code in a particular file. Contributors will always
    be better off using 'git log' and 'git blame' if they need to  find the
    author of a particular bit of code.
    This commit thus deletes all Author: comments from the source and adds
    a rule to prevent them reappearing.
    The Copyrigh...
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