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    tests: remove explicit <driver name='vfio'/> from hostdev test cases · 956e1ca6
    Laine Stump authored
    The long-deprecated use of <driver name='vfio|xen|kvm'/> in domain xml
    for <hostdev> devices was only ever necessary during the period when
    libvirt (and the Linux kernel) supported both VFIO and "legacy KVM"
    styles of hostdev device assignment for QEMU. This became pointless
    many years ago when legacy KVM device assignment was removed from the
    kernel, and support for that style of device assignment was completely
    disabled in the libvirt source in 2019 (commit
    Nevertheless, there were instances of <driver name='vfio'/> in the
    unit test data that were then (unnecessarily) propagated to several
    more tests over the years. This patch cleans out those unnecessary
    explicit settings of driver name='vfio' in all QEMU unit test data,
    proving that the attribute is no longer (externally) needed. (A later
    patch which adds a 2nd attribute to the <driver> element will include
    a test case that explicitly exercises the driver na...