1. 08 Jun, 2018 2 commits
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  7. 29 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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  9. 27 Jan, 2015 3 commits
    • Mike Latimer's avatar
      hooks/05[12]: Fix typo in skip · bda6af4f
      Mike Latimer authored
      Correct the order of parameters passed to skip to ensure the following
      tests are only executed under qemu and lxc environments:
    • Mike Latimer's avatar
      nwfilter/050-apply-verify-host.t: Fix typo, cleanup filter · c4d7cd7c
      Mike Latimer authored
      If nwfilter/050-apply-verify-host.t fails to start a test VM, a typo
      causes the word 'Domain' to be executed as a command after undefining
      the VM:
        ./nwfilter2vmtest.sh: line 425: Domain: command not found
      Also, if either one of the test VM fails to be created, the test
      filter should be deleted before exiting the test.
    • Mike Latimer's avatar
      hooks/051-daemon-hook: Return 0 after connection reset · fa599d92
      Mike Latimer authored
      Despite running all subtests successfully, hooks/051-daemon-hook.t ends
      with a return code of 141. This is due to the connection to tck not being
      cleaned up properly after libvirtd is restarted in the middle of the test.
      Ignoring the SIGPIPE and specifically undefining $tck allows the test to
      complete with a return code of 0 (which is helpful when running the full
      libvirt-tck kit).
  10. 11 Nov, 2014 1 commit
  11. 23 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Jim Fehlig's avatar
      Fix PCI device hotplug tests · 52959f40
      Jim Fehlig authored
      This patch fixes a few issues noted while enabling the TCK PCI device
      hotplug tests.
      First, the call to node device dettach function misses parameters, resulting
      in the following failure
       Failed test 'detached device from host OS'
       at /usr/share/libvirt-tck/tests/domain/250-pci-host-hotplug.t line 90.
       died: Usage: Sys::Virt::NodeDevice::dettach(dev, driversv, flags=0)
       at /usr/share/libvirt-tck/tests/domain/250-pci-host-hotplug.t line 90.
      Trivally fixed by adding the missing parameters when calling node device
      dettach function.
      Second, it appears qemu needs to reach some state of initialization before
      host device attach/detach works properly.  Currently, the test fails when
      detaching the device from the guest, resetting it, and reattaching it to
      the host
       Failed test 'reset the host PCI device'
       at /usr/share/libvirt-tck/tests/domain/250-pci-host-hotplug.t line 110.
       died: Sys::Virt::Error (libvirt error code: 1, message: internal error:
       Not resetting active device 0000:03:00.1)
       Failed test 'reattached device to host OS'
       at /usr/share/libvirt-tck/tests/domain/250-pci-host-hotplug.t line 111.
       died: Sys::Virt::Error (libvirt error code: 55, message: Requested operation
       is not valid: PCI device 0000:03:00.1 is still in use by driver QEMU, domain
      I've found that sleeping for a bit after creating the guest allows the
      tests to pass.
      While here, also fix a small typo from copy and paste of disk tests.
  12. 15 Apr, 2014 3 commits
    • Mike Latimer's avatar
      202-numa-set-parameters.t: use AFFECT_CONFIG when changing nodeset · 1b0cbc07
      Mike Latimer authored
      The 202-numa-set-parameters.t test sets NUMA_NODESET using AFFECT_LIVE on a
      running domain, destroys and starts the domain, then verifies the NUMA_NODESET
      setting. As AFFECT_LIVE does not write the setting to the domain xml file,
      the new nodeset setting is lost when the domain is destroyed and the test
      This patch adds AFFECT_CONFIG to set_numa_parameters, so both the live
      environment and the xml file are updated with the new setting. An additional
      test was also added, before the domain is destroyed, to ensure the nodeset
      change is seen on the live domain.
    • Mike Latimer's avatar
      220-no-ip-spoofing.t: Don't use a static netmask · 8aa51fc7
      Mike Latimer authored
      For environments not using a /24 netmask, this test can end up in a hung
      state. This patch reads the netmask from the nic and uses it later when
      ip addresses are changed and restored.
    • Mike Latimer's avatar
      210-no-mac-spoofing.t: Catch network is unreachable error · 97bea927
      Mike Latimer authored
      Some environments (openSUSE 13.1) can report the network is unreachable during
      this test. Trap that condition as well.