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    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Add tests for three security flaws wrt qcow2 backing files · 5f532405
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      Add tests for three security flaws wrt handling of qcow2 backing
      files. This ensures that libvirtd does not automatically probe
      disk formats ever, and correctly creates qcow2 files with backing
      * scripts/qemu/200-qcow2-single-backing-file.t: Check that
        libvirt honours the format in the guest <disk> driver type.
      * scripts/qemu/205-qcow2-double-backing-file.t: Check that
        libvirt honours the format embedded in the qcow2 backing
        store format extension
      * scripts/storage/250-vol-qcow2-backing-store.t: Check that
        the backing store format extension is set
      * scripts/qemu/210-qcow2-auto-probing.t,
        scripts/storage/255-vol-qcow2-backing-store-auto.t: Check
        that any unspecified disk formats default to raw.
    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Add tests for storage volume upload / download testing · 97c6a506
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      Add test covering the virStorageVolUpload and virStorageVolDownload
      APIs, in combination with the 3 different ways to use virStreamPtr
      APIs, manually feeding data to a blocking stream, providing a
      callback, or event driven non-blocking I/O
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    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Add test cases for unique ID interactions with caching · f5b0888c
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      Add test cases to ensure that correct UUIDs are reported after
      creating two guests in sequence with the same name, but different
      UUIDs. This is common during provisioning if an initial attempt
      fails and needs to be retried.
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK.pm: Set bridge name to match network name for the
        virtual networks
      * scripts/domain/082-unique-id-caching.t,
        scripts/networks/082-unique-id-caching.t: Add tests for unique
        ID caching
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  9. 27 May, 2010 1 commit
    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Duplicate basic domain test cases for network + storage pools · 1b9b8b84
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      Duplicate all the base domain test cases for unique ids and
      lifecycle operations against storage pools and networks since
      they all follow the same basic rules.
      * scripts/storage/0*.t, scripts/networks/0*.t: Checks for basic
        lifecycle operations and UUID/name uniqueness
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK/NetworkBuilder.pm: Add uuid method
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK/StoragePoolBuilder.pm: Add uuid  + perms methods
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK.pm: Add ok_network, create_empty_dir and
         generic_network methods. Blow away 'tck' networks in setup
  10. 07 Apr, 2010 1 commit
    • Eric Blake's avatar
      maint: use correct Red Hat copyright · b70b5dc5
      Eric Blake authored
      * scripts/domain/050-transient-lifecycle.t: Correct the copyright
      * scripts/domain/051-transient-autostart.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/060-persistent-lifecycle.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/061-persistent-autostart.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/065-persistent-redefine.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/070-transient-to-persistent.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/080-unique-id-define.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/081-unique-id-create.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/090-invalid-ops-when-inactive.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/100-transient-save-restore.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/101-persistent-save-restore.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/102-broken-save-restore.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/120-disks-stats.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/200-disk-hotplug.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/205-disk-hotplug-ordering.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/210-nic-hotplug.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/215-nic-hotplug-many.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/240-usb-host-hotplug.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/domain/250-pci-host-hotplug.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/qemu/100-disk-encryption.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/storage/100-create-vol-dir.t: Likewise.
      * scripts/storage/200-clone-vol-dir.t: Likewise.
  11. 04 Mar, 2010 1 commit
    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Add TCK script for verifying disk based storage pools · 3772ac13
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      This adds a reasonably comprehensive test script for working with
      disk based storage pools. It checks
       - Prevent re-formatting an existing partition table (currently
         missing this check in libvirt)
       - Formatting of a partiton table
       - Wiping a partition table (currently missing in libvirt)
       - Creating multiple storage volumes
       - Deleting storage volumes
      * conf/default.cfg: add config entry for specifying host block
        devices that a test script can use
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK.pm: Add API to get a host block device
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK/StoragePoolBuilder.pm: Fix typo in device
        XML formatting. Allow pool source format to be specified
      * scripts/storage/110-disk-pool.t: Test which creates a storage
        pool, creates some volumes, then deletes it all again.
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