1. 09 May, 2018 1 commit
  2. 26 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      require libguestfs-tool package · b7e7af5d
      Laine Stump authored
      The nwfilter tests use virt-builder to download and configure a guest
      appliance, but we don't require the libguestfs-tools package. Up until
      now it's just happened that it was always already installed on the
      test systems, so it wasn't a problem, but it's annoying to have to
      type the one extra install command when setting up a new machine to
      run the tests.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarLaine Stump <laine@laine.org>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarErik Skultety <eskultet@redhat.com>
  3. 20 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  4. 08 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Use Net::OpenSSH instead of Net::SSH::Perl · b7456d66
      Laine Stump authored
      Net::SSH::Perl is out of date in the Fedora git repos. The version
      currently supported in Fedora fails to connect to most modern sshd's,
      and updating to the new version would require adding several new perl
      packages to Fedora. Instead, this patch switches to using
      Net::OpenSSH, whose current version in Fedora works properly *EXCEPT*
      that it is missing the line "Requires: perl(IO:TTy)" in its specfiles
      (I filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1542666 requesting that fix to be
      applied to Fedora git repos. For now, just run "dnf install
      perl-IO-Tty" separately)
      NB: prior to this patch, Net::SSH::Perl was required, but had no
      Required: line in the specfile, so you would have to install it by
      hand. If you had done that, you can probably now dnf erase it.
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarLaine Stump <laine@laine.org>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarDaniel P. Berrange <berrange@redhat.com>
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      Make nwfilter tests install off a CDROM kickstart file · b2011a7e
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      Install of fetching the kickstart file from a URL, use a
      local CDROM image. Ensure the code uses a 'tck' prefix for
      all guest names. Use the standard TCK apis to creating a
      scratch disk image, instead of putting it in the global
      storage pool
      * Build.PL: Include ks.cfg
      * conf/default.cfg: Add ks config param
      * conf/ks.cfg: Default kickstart parameter
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK/NetworkHelpers.pm: Re-write & simplify logic
      * perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL: Add mkisofs as a requirement
      * scripts/nwfilter/090-install-image.t, scripts/nwfilter/100-ping-still-working.t
        scripts/nwfilter/230-no-mac-broadcast.t, scripts/nwfilter/230-no-mac-broadcast.t:
        Change guest name to start with 'tck' prefix
  11. 29 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Fix missing dependancies in RPM · 0cfa65e3
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      The RPM automatic dependancy extractor misses some deps from
      the test cases themselves.
      Also update filename for newer Module::Build tar.gz naming
      * perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL: Fix missing deps
  12. 22 Jul, 2009 1 commit
  13. 07 Jul, 2009 1 commit
    • Daniel P. Berrange's avatar
      Add support for uncompressing downloaded / copied files · 0427485c
      Daniel P. Berrange authored
      * Build.PL, perl-Sys-Virt-TCK.spec.PL: Add requirements on
      * conf/default.cfg: Add entries for UML kernels
      * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK.pm: Refactor to allow uncompressing of files
        downloaded or copied. Allow a disk image to be associated with
        a kernel
      * scripts/domain/200-disk-hotplug.t: Update for changed API to
        create disk images
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