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    Add TCK script for verifying disk based storage pools · 3772ac13
    Daniel P. Berrange authored
    This adds a reasonably comprehensive test script for working with
    disk based storage pools. It checks
     - Prevent re-formatting an existing partition table (currently
       missing this check in libvirt)
     - Formatting of a partiton table
     - Wiping a partition table (currently missing in libvirt)
     - Creating multiple storage volumes
     - Deleting storage volumes
    * conf/default.cfg: add config entry for specifying host block
      devices that a test script can use
    * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK.pm: Add API to get a host block device
    * lib/Sys/Virt/TCK/StoragePoolBuilder.pm: Fix typo in device
      XML formatting. Allow pool source format to be specified
    * scripts/storage/110-disk-pool.t: Test which creates a storage
      pool, creates some volumes, then deletes it all again.
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