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   libvirt TCK  : Technology Compatability Kit

The libvirt TCK provides a framework for performing testing
of the integration between libvirt drivers, the underlying virt
hypervisor technology, related operating system services and system
configuration. The idea (and name) is motivated by the Java TCK

In particular the libvirt TCK is intended to address the following

 - Validate that a new libvirt driver is in compliance
   with the (possibly undocumented!) driver API semantics

 - Validate that an update to an existing driver does not
   change the API semantics in a non-compliant manner

 - Validate that a new hypervisor release is still providing
   compatability with the corresponding libvirt driver usage

 - Validate that an OS distro deployment consisting of a
   hypervisor and libvirt release is configured correctly

Thus the libvirt TCK will allow developers, administrators and users
to determine the level of compatability of their platform, and
evaluate whether it will meet their needs, and get awareness of any
regressions that may have occurred since a previous test run

In relation to other libvirt testing, the split of responsibiity
will be

libvirt testsuite (aka $CHECKOUT/tests)

 - unit testing of specific internal APIs
 - functional testing of the libvirtd using the 'test' driver
 - functional testing of the virsh command using the 'test' driver

libvirt TCK

 - functional/integration testing of the 'live' drivers