Commit b4e89060 authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Update for 0.0.2 release

parent 78bbffde
libvirt Sandbox News
0.0.2 2012-01-12
- Add ability to attach to an existing sandbox
- Update to require libvirt-gobject 0.0.4
- Add ability to run privileged apps
- Add support for an admin debug shell
- Switch to use /etc/libvirt-sandbox/scratch for config
0.0.1 2012-01-11
- First release
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.0.1)
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.0.2)
dnl Make automake keep quiet about wildcards & other GNUmake-isms
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